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Thread: Question about wild finches

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    Default Question about wild finches

    For about a year now I have been feeding yellow finches in my back yard and in the side yard. I have several feeders hanging out and there were always 10 to 12 finches feeding most of the day. I live in North Georgia and I started feeding them last summer and all through the winter months they were there every day.
    On May the 4th they were there as usual (I marked the day on the calendar). On May the 5th they just disappeared..all of them, and I haven't seen one since.
    Could someone please explain this mystery to me? Thanks, Thomas

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    Hi Thomas, I'm assuming your yellow finches are American Goldfinches which are stunning looking birds. Go to our online backyard guide and click on "sparrows and finches" and scroll down to find American Goldfinch. By the way, there's also lots of useful birdfeeding advice and tips here.

    If it's any consolation, you're not alone at this time of year wondering where your finches have gone. Unless you have a new predator in your yard (eg a new neighborhood cat or a hawk that's taken up residence), chances are this is just a temporary hiatus.

    It's a common question we get every spring. "We used to have a large flock of goldfinches all winter, and all of a sudden they disappeared."

    As the breeding season approaches (by late April/early May), the goldfinch flocks break up and seemingly disappear. Until early fall, only pairs or single birds will be seen. There's a lot of wild food available and the birds might prefer that over feeder food. The goldfinch is also a short-distance migrant, and many of them may be heading to summer grounds elsewhere. By late autumn, though, your feeders should be busy again with goldfinches.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks a lot for the info.

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