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Thread: Shingle Street Acro (Reed warbler)

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    Default Shingle Street Acro (Reed warbler)

    Two shots on the Id page of the bird intially identified as a Marsh Warbler at Oxley Dairy, Shingle Street, Suffolk. Its song was generally faster sounding than usual Reed Warbler and contained some mimicry, including swallow and oystercatcher. It sung mostly from a small hawthorn next to the road, though I also saw it singing in the adjacent patch of reeds - where it sounded grumpier and much more Reed like! As others have suggested, the bird is surely a Reed Warbler.
    Sean Nixon

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    Excellent photos Sean. Not having seen the bird or hear it sing, I'm not in a position to judge but good photos of these contentious birds are always good to look at and discuss.

    Punkbirder does a nice job of distilling the main id issues of these three:

    The plain primaries lacking the crisp silvery edges of a spring Marsh on the shingle street bird points to Reed:

    Other photos in the galleries seem to bear this feature out on spring birds (see spring Rainham bird):

    Reed Warbler

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    I would say a nice Reed Warbler too..

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