The 4th year in a row there are Baillon's crakes calling in Polder Achteraf, Loosdrecht near my home. In 2005 this included at least 5 birds with the normal, long call. In 2006 there was 1 bird which was calling far less frequent than the ones in 2005, probably due to the fact that he/she was the only crake around. In 2007 I was lucky to discover them myself and there were 2 birds with a call that I heared once in 2005 (then I thought that it was a 'mistake' of the bird). Now (2008) the birds are again calling in Polder Achteraf and they make the same call as they did in 2007.
The call is shorter than the usual long call that is probably on every CD, it is a short rattle that speeds up a bit at the end. You can hear the sound here: , it is at the end of the recording, the bird calls only once.
My question is, can these birds be females? To locate the birds is impossible since they are in a 'reserve'.