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Thread: Warbler ?- but which one

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    Default Warbler ?- but which one

    I'm new to this forum and have just posted the following in my 'hello' post. Now I'm finding my way around I think it might be better here.

    "Today I saw a new bird and went straight to my book to look it up. My instict told me that it was a warbler so that is where I started to look. It was a small delicate bird (smaller than a sparrow). It had a russet breast, creamy belly and dark grey back and wings. There were white spots (or stripes) behind the eyes. I watched it for a few minutes so am definitely not mistaken. It was on the ground under a bush and seemed to be searching for insects. I found my bird immediately in the book - Subalpine Warbler, but how can that be? It shouldn't be anywhere near Moscow! Can anyone help me please? Does the Chiffchaff ever appear to have a russet breast (or white stripes)? "

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    Hi Lois

    The behaviour doesn't sound right for Subalpine Warbler either. From your description, I wonder whether it might be a Whinchat (either male or female)? That would be much more likely to be grubbing around under a bush and the range should be good too.


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    whinchat is a good suggestion or wheatear perhaps?

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    Default Wheatear seems likely

    Looking at the book again I have come to the conclusion that it was a Wheatear, probably a young one. Thanks for your help.

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