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    Lightbulb Raptor Camp Malta 2008......

    Make a difference towards the conservation of wild birds.

    Join Raptor Camp Malta and participate in Illegal Hunting Surveillance and Raptor Migration Monitoring

    What is Raptor Camp Malta about?

    BirdLife Malta, since the late 1990s, has organised a camp during the annual autumn raptor migration period. Both local and international volunteers join this camp with the express aim to curtail illegal hunting activity and collect data on bird migration. This is no bird watching holiday, but a serious conservation effort!

    How long does the camp last?

    The camp starts on the 13th September and lasts for just over 2 weeks ending on the 28th September. Volunteers may come for one or two weeks depending on their availability and the flight schedule.

    What does the camp consist of?

    Illegal hunting surveillance and raptor migration monitoring are the two main elements forming the camp. These are carried out every day during the morning and afternoon. As well as monitoring raptor migration, participants will also record migration of a range of other species, including herons, bee-eaters, orioles, thrushes and doves.

    When not working on the main Raptor Camp objectives, participants are free to choose from a variety of planned and non-planned activities. These include other conservation work and/or birding-related activities and also other leisure activities such as cultural visits to historic sites, trips to the other islands, and swimming and other social activities. In the evening work shops, discussions and films will be organized for the participants.

    Join Malta Raptor Camp. Click here for more Information or email
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