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Thread: Royal Starling?

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    Default Royal Starling?

    Can anyone help identify these three birds, or are they different versions of the same, male, female and juvenile? I believe the one with the yellow breast is a Royal Starling but what about the all blue one with yellow not white eyes (sorry about the picture quality of that one)? And is the third bird related? Any comments would be helpful.
    These were taken in Valencia´s Bioparc which exhibits wildlife of Africa, however there were a few of the flying around outside the cage (escapees?)


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    I would feel that these are all glossy starlings

    1. Superb Starling Lamprotornis superbus

    2. Golden-breasted Starling Lamprotornis regius

    3. Purple Starling Lamprotornis purpureus - large, staring eye

    Brian S

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