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    I am going crazy trying to identify a bird that saw saw in my garden yesterday I live in south east england The bird was on the nut feeder it was black with white flashes on the under side of its wings a very long pointed beak quite aggressive , it was a little bit bigger than a sparrow about 4 inches long with a short tail Can anyone help ???

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    Hello Sue, and welcome to the Forum.

    From your description of your mystery bird the first species which comes to mind is a female or juvenile Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. When you say the bill is "very long" can you be more precise?

    There is always the possibility that it is an escaped exotic species.


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    Hi Sue, and welcome to the forum. Does sound like one of the pied woodpeckers. Great spotted is the most common but Colin is suggesting Lesser because the size you describe fits that species best:

    here's some photos of lesser:
    and greater (top bird on a nutfeeder):

    Best, Andy

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