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Thread: help me id this bird PLEASE!

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    Default help me id this bird PLEASE!

    Hallo everyone

    I am here in desperation. I have a couple of photos if I can put them on the website. Not very good ones, they were on a long lens and I couldn't keep still enough.

    How do I upload them? I tried, but I don't know how to put a 'url' from a personal photo.

    Hope someone can help


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    Hello Gen, and welcome. You really need to upload your photos to a web-hosting site such as "Photobucket" (do a "Google", it is very easy) which will re-size your photos and assign them a URL (a unique web signature).

    If you manage to get this far (it might seem time-consuming to start with, but believe me it really is very easy) then you can "copy and paste" the URL of your photo which will embed it into your post.

    If this does not make sense, and you want more explicit instructions, please come back to us.


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    Hi Gen and welcome to the forum. You can also add photos to your posts in this forum. After your click "post reply" or "post new thread" and enter your post, then scroll down and click on "manage attachments". You can attach photos and click "upload". Best, Andy

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    Hi bizgen and welcome. Any luck attaching your photos to your posts? Click "post reply" button down on the left and then scroll down to manage attachments and add your photos.

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