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Thread: Hello and ID please

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    Default Hello and ID please

    Hi there my names Jeanette and ive just joined, I'm looking forward to fiding more out about the birds I have coming into my garden.
    I stay in Razdel Bulgaria and ive never seen so many different birds since we moved here nearly 4 months ago.
    Ive posted a pic on the hope someone might confirm ID of these pair
    There was three of them one we thought was a male middlespotted woodpecker and the other two female and baby although it has been suggested it might be Syrian woodpeckers. The other pic is of poor quality and might be unidentifiable
    Thanks I'm so chuffed that my woodpecker pics turned out alright ive been waiting patiently for the single woodpecker to turn up but to get three was just fantastic.
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    Hello Jeanette,

    Although I have no experience of either species, I would say that these look good for Syrian rather than Middle Spotted Woodpeckers. I would say that photo #1 shows two adults and #2 a juvenile. The barely discernible streaking on the breast and flank looks better for Syrian.

    The other two photos look like a juvenile shrike; I would "guess" Red-backed (Lanius colluruio), but from those photos it is impossible to be certain.


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    I agree that the last 2 photos show a shrike and my guess would be juv Woodchat Shrike

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