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    Default unidentified bird

    Can anyone offer any ideas?

    I live in Devon and over the past few weeks have seen a bird often sitting in a bush in a garden. I am told it sometimes goes onto a feeder and also eats bread from the ground but I've only ever seen it sitting or crouching.

    It appears to be about the size of a starling. It's shape while sitting could almost be a small dove. It's body (as much as I can see) is cream, almost ivory (not white) - no markings, just plain colour. Its back (closed wings) are just slightly darker cream but a sort of mottled light and dark cream. It's beak is straight and appears fairly long for it's size. A very striking point is the eye, it has a bright orange eye-ring.

    Unfortunately I have no photo.

    I have no idea what it is but it spends a lot of time just sitting, it seems very subdued, not very worried about other birds or people.

    I suppose it could be an escapee of some kind or an albino of some species.

    I would be very obliged if someone could help at all.


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    i would hazzard a guess at an albanistic blackbird or starling


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    sounds odd - any chance of a quick photo of it, however poor, will help

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    I have no camera. I tried to get a picture with my webcam but no luck. I will try to get someone else to take a picture for me.

    I have now seen the bird a bit closer. The only thing I can add to my previous description is that it has longish tail feathers which are the same as the back, that is a very light brown but not a solid colour. They still have the background cream/ivory with some cross stripes of this light brown.

    I'll let you know of any further news.

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