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    Hello, this is my first time here. I am a part time birder living in Des Moines, Iowa. Part time in that I can't get away to bird as much as I want. There are two reasons I signed on here. 1. Does anyone know where in Iowa I can go to try to see a scarlet tanager? 2. What happened to all of our hummingbirds.
    We only have 2 confirmed male ruby throats and a few smaller(younger hummers)ones? I thought maybe with all the storms we have had this summer had something to do with it but my wife thinks it may be our infestation of cicada killers in our yard. Any answers? Thanks for your time.

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    Hi Dogman and thanks for the introduction. Welcome to the forum. You might find the following local link useful. Looks like Denman Woods and Brown’s Woods are worth checking for Scarlet Tanager:

    For your hummers, it could be that there are lots of flowers they like in your neighborhood, or lots of feeders you're competing with. If you want to encourage hummingbird activity, check your feeders and change the feeding solution regularly. Ants, wasps and other insects like cicada killers may discourage hummingbird activity at the feeder. You can also plant more flowers that attract these nectar-drinking birds - bee balm, trumpet vine, cardinal shrub and tall phlox are all among their favorites.

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