The Neotropical Bird Club is pleased to announce:
• the publication of the third issue of its acclaimed birding magazine, Neotropical Birding,
• a substantial improvement in membership benefits that will take effect from 2009; and
• a request for articles for future issues of Neotropical Birding.

Neotropical Birding is the only magazine dedicated to providing articles of practical use for those birding in the Caribbean, South and Central America. Running to 80 pages (half in colour), Neotropical Birding 3:
• includes features on the Important Bird Areas of Argentina and an innovative project that seeks to examine the impact of birds on human culture;
• launches two brand new series: a guide to birding in major Neotropical cities, starting with Buenos Aires, and tips for birding in the Neotropics;
• contains groundbreaking identification articles on hummingbirds and Empidonomus tyrant-flycatchers;
• celebrates the first biological explorations of a remote Colombian mountain range;
• details fantastic birding sites and species in Mexico, Paraguay and Bolivia; and
• culminates with a sumptuous photospot on the spectacular and globally threatened Strange-tailed Tyrant Alectrurus risora.

For full contents, please click here:

For sample articles from the first three issues, please click here and follow the links.


In response to popular demand, Neotropical Birding will be published twice yearly from 2009. The Club’s journal Cotinga will be published once per year, but will be twice the size. Selected Cotinga papers will be pre-published on the Club’s website.


Do you have an idea for a feature on some aspect of Neotropical birds or birding? Do you want to tell other birders about a great birding site in the Neotropics—or your experiences of tracking down a particularly exciting species? Can you help other birders identify members of a tricky genus? Would you like to share your research about a globally threatened bird that you have studied? Or would you like to showcase your photographs of a rare or poorly known bird? If so, the Editorial Committee of Neotropical Birding would like to hear from you. Please send your idea by e-mail to: Thanks!

James Lowen
Editor, Neotropical Birding