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Thread: Hello from the Canary Islands

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    Default Hello from the Canary Islands

    My name is Susana Saavedra, and I'm very interested on myna birds, specially when their become invasive species. At the moment, the most dangerous breeding population I have notice is settled in Portugal, most likely around the Tejo River Delta. Lisbon, Cascais, Oeiras and Estoril; Costa Caparica, Barreiro y Seixal; Almada; Sesimbra y Setúbal and Alcochete. I would really appreciate any information regarding those birds for the year 2008.
    I would like to visit the most contaminated areas, to try to find any evidence of native species stress, caused by the myna presure.
    Thank's in advance.
    Best Regards, Susana Saavedra

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    Hi Susana and welcome to the forum. Can't give you any info from Europe but there had been a population of mynas in Canada that have since died out or are very close to having gone. I see occasional birds here in California but no invasive populations to speak of. Hawaii also has populations. Here's a good article:

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    Hi Susana,
    I will be leaving Gibraltar for the Canaries on Thursday if the weather is right.
    I saw Mynas all through the South Pacific and several biologists I ran into told me that they were wreaking havoc on the native birds. When I reached Australia (landed in Bundaberg and sailed up the Queensland coast and around to Darwin), the few I saw couldn't hold a candle to the Rainbow Lorikeets there. The Rainbows would band together and mercilessly drive them away.

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