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Thread: Fall Migration

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    Default Fall Migration

    Morning bird walk along the Delaware river near Riegelsville PA. Sw large #'s of Swallows with Chimney swifts and other Passerines moving south following the river. 40 to 50 birds/minute! then a thunderstorm hit and they all went to ground. Hope to see more as the weather clears.

    Ed Norman

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    thanks for the post - haven't done much birding this fall except for shorebirding - things usually pick up here mid to late Sept so we'll soon see larger numbers of migrants at the usual migrant traps

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    Default Fall migration NW Ohio

    Local paper indicates next week starts the fall hawk migration. I understand detail can be found at (Southeastern Michigan Raptor Research).

    Great Egrets and Great Blue Herons are returning to this area. Saw 2 Black Crowned Night Herons last night.

    Looking forward to interesting week, after tropical storm Ike gets past us.

    Bill Quinlan, a very amateur back yard birder

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