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Thread: Has anybody taken a tour with VENT

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    Default Has anybody taken a tour with VENT

    Of course someone has, and I'd love some feedback on this company. I'm 33, I have mostly birded independently when traveling abroad, but with changes in my life-job and family, I no longer have an abundance of time and am considering more guided tours. I'd like to go to Darien in Panama, and don't have birding friends to make a group. VENT has always struck me as a very expensive tour option. On reviewing their posted bird lists, specifically comparing them to Field Guides, which has an identical Darien trip, it seems that Field Guides sees more birds. So I wonder if the birding with VENT is somewhat less intense. I'd go with Field Guides, but the timing of the trip is less ideal for me. Alternatively, if anyone has other ideas for visiting Darien, I'd love to hear them.
    Bryan Gieszl

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    I'd definitely go with Field Guides. My experience would be they are relaxed and great fun - and just think of that Dusky-backed Jacamar!

    Brian S

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