A swan family has been reared in a small lake in the Water Treatment Plant, Southmoor. The problem for the Swans is that the lake is completely enclosed in fences and high ground forms a barrier to the safety of Langstone Harbour.


To overcome this the parents have been teaching the cygnets to take off and land all this week, It started chaotically but order is now taking hold. take offs are good with the cygnets following the female into the air in synchronism. The problem of landing is still frought with problems, mainly because of the size of the lake and the seeming need to land together.

The image above is one frame from a total of 10 shot in C-AF, 5fps with the Olympus E3 + Sigma 50-500 lens. I have been experimenting with C-AF as it seems far more appropriate a mode when shooting moving wildlife. Combining this with 5 fps improves the chances of capturing that special moment in focus. I now reserve S-AF for static shots.