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Thread: Hi from Serbia (Europe)

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    Default Hi from Serbia (Europe)

    I've been posting some pix in SurfBirds "European Scarce and Rarity Press" from time to time, and I thought - why not joining the Forum as well... so, here I am

    I can't say that I've been in this for a long time like some people here. I got hooked on Birding and Wildlife photography two and a half years ago, and together with my friend Milan made a web site about wildlife in Serbia. If you are curious to check it out, the link is

    Best regards to all and happy birding!

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    Very, very nice website Katarina and Milan, you have has some wonderful photos there.

    Welcome to the forum, hope you contribute lots more.


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    Hi CyberKat, have been admiring your photos for a while. Thanks for the introduction.

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