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Thread: Ushant birding centre petition to keep it just for birders!

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    Default Ushant birding centre petition to keep it just for birders!

    Hi there,
    details of a petition birders from all over the world are encouraged to
    contribute to to protect the birding centre on the birding island of Ushant (also known as Ouessant in French) off the west coast of north-western France near Brest and south of the Scillies where the birding centre is being
    put under threat from the authorities there who want to stop it being exclusively a birders centre and opening it up to anyone who wants accomodation. This is to be stopped at all costs as the centre is like the Fair Isle obs and other island observatories wherre you can get in contact with all the birders quickly, take part in bird ringing courses and join in the daily roll call of birds present on the island hotsspot for rarities where you could have seen perhaps a resident Red-billed Chough feeeding in front of the centre, a Mousiers Redstart arrived from North Africa, a rare yankee like a Parula Warbler which I have photographed here or a rare sibe like a Pallas Warbler or Humes Yellow-browed Warbler which I have aalso seen here. Sometimes up to thirty Yellow-browed are together here and seabird passage can be impressive with even Southern Giant Petrel recorded off the island.It is recommended to visit anytime in October to enjoy a good spread of rarities with birds recorded on the island including birds from Lesser Kestrel to Short-toed Eagle to Blue-cheeked Bee-eater to Grays Grasshopper Warbler! Accomodation is also available near the birding centre at the road from Lampaul the capital to Creac'h lighthouse. Try the island for a spot of birding now with flights to Brest Guipavas airport from the UK and flights daily to Ushant airport a rarity hotspot near Ar Stang valley where there aare sure to be some rare birds! We often go by ferry from Brest ferry port or Le Conquet nearby to Ushant ferry port and enjoy seeing Dolphins oftern aand great views of seabirds! Kind regards, Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.

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    But opening it to other visitors at quiet times for birding could bring in valuable income for the observatory.

    Maybe if it was open to non-birders from mid June to mid August when few birds are passing through and few birders will want to stay, but when holiday demand is high?

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    I think it would have been beneficial to have had this link in English - I have been to that site and although there is the option of French, English or Spanish I could not get this particular article in English.

    I also think that Michael has a very good point. The peak birding season in the Scillies (which you mention in your post) is six, or at most eight weeks; if the Scillies were closed to non-birders for the rest of the year the Islands' economy would wither away.


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