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Thread: Osprey covers 2300km non-stop

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    Default Osprey covers 2300km non-stop

    Visit this site to trace 'Nimrod' the Osprey's amazing non-stop flight, from France, across Spain and into Africa - 2300km including an overnight flight.

    Brian S

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    Thanks for that; I have listened to a few of these programmes on the BBC website (not having T.V. or radio here) but missed this one. Fascinating stuff. We currently have two Ospreys at Ria de Alvor which will probably overwinter. One is an adult and been here for almost three weeks (I watch it fishing in the lagoon every afternoon), the other a juvenile which arrived two days ago after flying through a horrendous thunderstorm - absolutely soaked through and totally exhausted, but now fishing successfully. A few years ago a young girl from the local fish farm arrived at our local field studies centre and ringing station with FIVE Ospreys in the back of her jeep - they arrived during a storm and she had literally just picked them up and put them in the back of the car!

    My family home is only a few miles from the nesting Ospreys at Bassenthwaite in Cumbria, and I have received info from Nathan Fox (of the Forrestry Commission) on the ring colours and numbers of their juvenile birds - it would make my day to identify a bird here which had come from Cumbria!


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    Default Ospreys and Booted tracked in France.

    Hi there,
    Ospreys breed in northern France in the Departement of Loiret on the Loire valley west of Paris not far from breeding Booted Eagles in the Foret d'Orient there which are being satellite tracked at:-
    FIR la Fond pour l'Intervention des Rapaces and Mission Rapaces are involved wirt a number of sattelite and radio tracking projects in France including on Aquatic Warblers which are ringed in hundreds every year in a number of hot spots like the Seine estuary and Trunvel near Brest in Brittany, where they hope to track individual birds such as at Trunvel where Bruno Bargain is working on such a project.There is a Bairds Sandpiper at his reserve there now in Finisterre where Bee Eaters breed every year in the beautiful Baie d'Audierne and a White-rumped Sandpiper is nearby now.In Guerande I ring birds in the reedbeds there which we have been taught by CRBPO we have the technology to radio track with CNRS technology which enables even bumble bees and dragonflies to be radio tracked on migration with American technology which has been used in the USA to track migrations of certain insects across the USA! In Guerande now there is a late Desert Wheatear and nearby at Grand Lieu near Nantes there is a Swallow roost even in mid winter! The Swallows over winter in Finisterre in northwestern Brittany south of the Scilly Isles most winters of late like Wryneck which is present on Ushant or Ouessant now where Yellow-browed Warblers over winter also.
    Sabines Gulls in the Vilaaine estuary in Brittany numbered a hundred and fifty birds over the last fortnight there and have now left but spend every autumn in hundreds on the Vilaine estuary making northern France an interesting destination for birders at thiss time of year like the Mediterranean coast and upper Loire at Ecopole du Forez bird reserve not far from Lyons where there is a late Least Sandpiper now.On the Rhone delta a mix of somee nice late autumn birds with further details from CEEP at :-
    More details from :-
    who do lots of raptor work including on the Crau semidesert steppe habitat
    where are big numbers of Merlin wintering as weell ass a big variety of other raptors including hundreds of Lesser Kestrel in summer whicch can be seen from our hides at Peau de Meau near La Dynamite explosive town in the Crau neat St Martin de Crau where at the Ecomusee you can get a permit to visit the Crau reserve andd in summer I recommend staying at St Martin de Crau at the Hotel Camping site there which is cheap and has a superb swimming pool with tame Tree Spaarrow which come to feed from your hands if you offer them crumbs. Bonellis and Booted Eagles fly over head in summer from La Caume in the Alpilles to the north which you can visit on foot a superb experience in summer ass you breathe in havily scented air with the smell of wild herbs and summer scents of lavender from example.
    Kind regards,Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.

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