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Thread: Any Isle of Wight Birders?

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    Default Any Isle of Wight Birders?

    I am coming over to the Isle of Wight in May 2009 Is there a Birder there I could meet up with please? if not could someone advice me on the best places to visit? MTA Colin.

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    Hi beltonbirder
    I don't live on the Island anymore but I did for 8 years.In early to late May St catherins point south of Niton is good for sea watching and migrants.
    West High Down/The Needles area for migrants.
    Newtown and Yarmouth estuarys for waders.
    Where to watch birds in Dorset Hampshire and The Isle of Wight will give you more detailed information published by Helm.
    Hope this is of some help,please contact me if you need any more info

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    Hi, I live on the Isle of Wight but I will be away from May 2009. As for spots to visit, in addition to what Darren has put, I'd say that Brading Marshes and Bembridge ponds are worth a visit as is Alverstone Mead, plus Culver Down (towards Yaverland) for migrants.

    A web site well worth visiting is Derek Hale's Birding on the Isle of Wight. It's got site guides and info.

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