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Thread: Irelandís Garden Birds - How To Attract, Identify & Garden for birds

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    Default Irelandís Garden Birds - How To Attract, Identify & Garden for birds

    Published in October 2008, Price: Ä16.99/£13.99

    Biodiversity is the key word this season as wildlife experts and environmental consultants urge people to consider the effect of their lifestyles on the birds and wildlife around them. It is a sad fact that many species of birds are in decline and some are in critical danger of extinction but most of us arenít aware of just how easy it is to create a haven for these beautiful creatures in our own back gardens.

    This practical, illustrated guide to Irelandís garden birds and wildlife gardening provides the know-how to attract birds into your garden and care for them. It focuses on the fifty-six birds most likely to be seen from your window and highlights a range of plants and planting schemes to suit all gardens, while promoting native species plantings and sustainable gardening practices. Each species is described in a style designed to appeal to all, providing the hard facts of identification, abundance, feeding habits, songs, call and breeding season facts, backed up throughout with photographs of the highest quality.

    Oran OíSullivan has worked for BirdWatch Ireland for fifteen years as a field surveyor, general manager and latterly as CEO. He has edited the Irish Bird Report, and is current managing editor of Wings, the membership magazine of BirdWatch Ireland. He is also project manager of the 220-acre East Coast Nature Reserve at Newcastle, County Wicklow.

    Jim Wilson is an independent wildlife writer, broadcaster, filmmaker and tour leader. He is a former Chairman of BirdWatch Ireland and set up the long-running BirdWatch Ireland Garden Survey in 1987. He wrote A Guide to the Identification of the Whales and Dolphins of Ireland and co-authored Birdlife in Ireland. He is a regular contributor to Mooney Goes Wild on RTE radio.

    ISBN: 978-1905172733 ē Limpback ē 216 x 138 mm ē 200 pp ē Full colour

    Buy this book on-line - click here
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