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Thread: Thailand January info required

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    Default Thailand January info required

    Hi all,
    Decided yesterday that I will probably go to Thailand in late dec/early Jan to visit sister on Kho Phi Phi island (e of Phuket). As its a quick, recent decision I'm looking for a couple of pointers to assist with planning. Any advice much appreciated.

    Will probably go direct to Phi Phi for couple of days, then intend to find some kind of organised (cheap!) wildlife / outdoors type of tour. Wouldn't mind roughing it a bit (eg camping), but with girlfriend (who likes camping/wildlife) so not too rough. She's interested in wildlife, I'm interested in birding! Anybody ever come across sny kind of tour / location that might be suitable?

    Also, if anyone has ever birded Kho Phi Phi any advice on where to go, what to see?

    Any other suggestions also welcome. I haven't done any reading yet re sites/species, thought i'd make this my first stop.

    Many thanks


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    Phi Phi is very small with very few resident birds. However, the area is excellent for frigatebirds and by walking up to a high spot you should be able to view lots in the late afternoon and evening. Or take a snorkelling trip (good fun too) which will allow closer views.

    Krabi area is good - a boat trip with Mr Dai should be fun for both of you - and Great Knot and Nordmann's Greenshanks are expected, along with Mangrove Pitta and Ruddy Kingfisher etc..

    You might consider a motorbike taxi to Khao Noi Chuchi (about and hour from Krabi) - the Gurney's Pitta site - you can stay in the village, basic but fun and maybe get a good look at a Gurney's!
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    Hi Ciaran

    Agree with Forktail above - the Gurney's is worth the trip alone!!
    If you want a good day out consider the touristy day trip out tp the Similan Islands. You can find many tours out there from Krabi, Phuket etc but just make sure that they stop on ISLAND 4 (Koh Miang) as this is where the exquisite Nicobar Pigeons are. Normally they are feeding around the campsite at point-blank range. The rest of the day is spent snorkelling at other islands which is pretty good too. If you shop around you should be able to get a good deal.

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    Thanks guys, all sound like good ideas, and as I will have a couple of weeks for travelling I can probably fit them all in. Might even get to see my sister too!!

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