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Thread: cachinnans x argentatus - strange things happens

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    Default cachinnans x argentatus - strange things happens

    This Caspian x Herring was spotted in Poland recently.
    Interestingly it was seen and photographed in Britain by Dick Newell as a 2cy a couple of years ago.

    In the link above - note the genuine Caspian.

    and by Visa Rauste:


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    Great! That's going to make a tricky ident problem even nastier! Maybe all this gull-splitting wasn't such a good idea after all!

    Scientific name Larus × 4P60ii.

    Now if we could get it to mate with a graellsii × michahellis hybrid and have some offspring . . .


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    Ouch, that makes life harder, these gulls are becoming tougher by the day. Fascinating the distances this bird is travelling.

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