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Thread: Camargue Lesser Flamingo still present!

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    Default Camargue Lesser Flamingo still present!

    Hi there,
    In the Camargue still a Lesser Flamingo ,Flamant nain ,Phoenicopterus minor : 1 au Pont des 5 Gorges, at Etang des Imperiaux at Camargue le 27/10 (P&A. Mansart)
    Photo at
    observations recentes.
    Also Lanner Falcon, Spotted Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, a couple of Pallid Harriers, Terek Sandpiper,Yellow-browed Warbler,a wide variety of other raptors including big numbers of Merlins on the Crau ancient delta of the Rhone near the Camargue with visiting arranged from St Martin de Crau Ecomusee with backing from CEEP Conservatoire- Etudes des Ecosystemes de Provence Alpes du Sud. My contacts at the Ecomusee organise birding trips around the area and caan show you many interesting birds like American shorebirds which turn up on the Crau plus the resident Calandra Larks whicch my colleague Guillaume is studying in detail near the aerodrome fense at Istres but get his permission first if you want to see the Calandra Larks as they are on the edge of a military base where you could be arrested if yo don't get permission first to visit the site.The Ecomusee is near St Martin de Craus campsite Hotel REstaurant which in summer has a superb swimming pool and facilities for a great holiday birding and is very cheap.St Martin de Crau is just east of Arles near the Alpilles where there are regular Booted and Bonellis Eagles, Rock Thrush, Blue Rock Thrush, Alpine Chough, Western Orphean Warbler, Eagle Owl, Crag Martin, Red-rumped Swallow and Alpine Swift which can often be seen still at this time of year as can sometimes Pallid Swifts which are still around the area now.To see the birds in the Alpilles hills you go to the Roman War Memorial near Les Baux at La Caume and park under the pines and walk to the radio transmitter tower alonmg the dirt track and you will see birds all around.
    Kind regards,Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.

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    Bertram, any news of the Camargue Green Heron this winter? Also, any Wallcreepers back at Les Baux yet?

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    Default Camargue Flamingos, Wallcreepers and Green Heron

    Hi Lee,
    Wallcreepers are everywhere now down there and even wintering in Brittany at a site for the second winter running.Information as folows from a source who says Brittany has attracted a number of Wallcreepers recently and as it is in north western France just sout of the Scilly Isles it is easily accessiblee to birders plus has a huge birding potential with the Lac de Grand Lieu nearby west of Nantes where White Pelicans have nested laying eggs near a pair of African Spoonbill amongst breeding Euraisan Spoonbills which can hybridise with them and rear youg like the bird in the Po delta in northern Italy now.
    The Lac de Grand Lieu still has Whiskered aand Black Tern present now and often has up to six million roosting Starling on the Lac together with White-tailed Sea Eagles, huge numbers of Egrets of all the European sspecies breedding there including a roost of a thousand Cattle Egrets, two hundred pairs of Great Egrets, two hundred pairs of Purple Herons and Frances biggest breeding population of maars Terns with thousadns present in summer.Mr Guerlain associaated with perfume bought the plain lake regarded as the biggest in France to make it Europes best wetalnd reserve opening a new centre in tow years time in Mr Guerlains old residence where I stayed with him when he was alive and decided to make a SNPN reserve with the new centre costing around four million Euros and opening hopefully in exactly two years time! Already there is a reserve center here and hide run by the SNPN with further details at web:-
    Nearby is the Marais Breton and Noirmoutier with bird reserves like the Eccomusee in the Maraiss Breton at le Daviaud where Hoopoes nest with Short-esred Owls, sixty pairs of Montagus Harriers, Stilts, Bluethroats, Avocets, Shelduck, Snipe, Ruff, Terns including Elegant and summering Slender-billed Gulls at Noirmoutier reserve de Mullembourg.North of the Lac de Grand Lieu is the Briere bird reserve where there are three thoussand thatched cottages and a bird watching centre at Pierre Constant where there are many bird hides and la Maison de l'Ecluiser where my colleaguee Jacques is basedd who will give you tours of the reserve and show you the
    interpretation centre as well ass taake you in a boat towards wher the Bittern and Spoonbills nest. There was even a Pratincole summering this summer and a Skua on the reserve as well as usual marsh Terns inlcuding two hundred pairs of Black Terns plus Whiskered and the odd White-winged Black Terns.Nearby is the Vilaine estuary where oveer a hundred Sabines Gulls
    use the estuary as an autumn migration staging post like Ile de Berder near Vannes used as a staging post in autumn by a hundred Roseate Terns including many local birds aand British ringed birds.
    The details on the Brittany Wallcreepers are as below:-
    Le Tichodrome échelette Wallcreeper de la Pointe de Tal ar Grip/Plomodiern du mois de mars 2008 est revenu hiverner à la pointe de la Bretagne! Il a été observé ce samedi à 100m au sud de la maisonnette de la Pointe. Par rapport à début mars, il est en plumage hivernal (of course) et est très farouche. Premier cas d'hivernages consécutifs sur un même site en Basse-Bretagne pour cette espèce?
    A tout hasard, l'oiseau de Kastell-Briant du début de l'année 2008 également a-t-il été recherché/vu cet hiver?
    Nearby is Ouessant or Ushant where there are many intereesting passerines now including Humes Warbler and big numbers of other birds like the normal Yellow-browed Warbler and Choughs, Dartford Warblers, seabirds etc.
    Ouessant or Ushant is accessible from Brest and Le Conquet by ferry with Randy the dolphin regulaary following thre ferry now. The plane goes also regularly from Brest Guipavas airport to the island and only takes twenty minutes to get to the island from Brest.Transport on the island is by bicycle
    and you can stay in hotels in Lampaul the towwn or the bird observatory wherr you can meet birders from allover the world near the Creac'h lighthouse the most powerful perhaps in Europe with thirteen pencil beams which migrants hit at night.
    For the Wallcrepers in the alpilles near Arrles in the Camarguee in Provence
    contact Amine Flitti at email:-
    telephone number 0033 4 90 57 89 76
    He is producing a breeding atlas of birds in Provence coming out in 2009 next year for the LPO the Bird Life International partner in France the Ligue pour la Protection d'Oiseaux like the RSPB in the UK but with not so many members however Bird Life International was founded by a French friend of mine who hass since died sadly. And many people in France or proud of Frencch naturalists like Audubon who permitted National Auddubon in the USA to get started who are partnerss in the USA with Bird Life International who work with American naturalists in France boosting the interest in wildlife in France.
    So now down in the Alpilles aaround les Baux there are many Wallcreepers which you can find moving about now in Provence like Brittany nearer the UK.
    The Green Heron was last seen in April 2008 in the Provence area where seems to dissappear to return the folowing year! So you will need to be lucky to find it usually arround Etang de Berre! Western Olivaceaus Warbler turned up this year in the Camargue whicch is rarely recorded in France! Red-necked Nightjars are increasingly recorded summering in the Camargue area!
    I hope this is of interest to you.Kind regards, Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.

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