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    Hi, Can anyone help i.d this hawk . Picture taken in June 2006 on Sannibel Island Florida.Is it a short tailed hawk. Thanks
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    Hi Kevin.

    One might argue that the hawk (Buteo) would be a Short-tailed on location at this time of year, since Swainson´s is a spring or autumn vagrant to and with some wintering in S. Florida, if I´m not incorrect.
    Since the image is of a distant bird, the exact pattern on the underwing and throat is perhaps not entierly safe to judge. It doe´s look as if the throat patch matches that of a Swainson´s that is to say, wrapped around the whole upper breast, although ideally it should perhaps reach further down, while on the subject bird it seems to fall level with the leading edge of the wing and in line wit Short-tailed, which has a pale throat conecting with the pale underparts. Although structuarally - it reminds more of a Swainson´s which has more or less a straight edged trailng edge - less compact and with the impression of a longet tail. However the pattern visible on the underparts and judged from this particular image, looks better for Short-tailed since the inner primaries looks paler than outers and secondaries and lacking Swainson´s clear dark-tipped outer primary coverts.
    Short-tailed for this is my guess.


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    Hi Kevin, yes think you're safe to go with Short-tailed on this bird - appears to have typical underwing pattern you'd expect (as Jan's images above)

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