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Thread: Pentax roof prism models

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    Default Pentax roof prism models

    You can add othe models, or if you have ED versions, add comments.

    Currently I am using Pentax DCF SP 10x43.

    Have gone this route:
    Monarch 10x42
    Zeiss Conquest 10x40..poor ergonomics, hated the eye cups
    traded it for the Pentax.

    For a birder these are plenty rugged. The eye cups are more reliable and stay out unlike the Monarchs. Otherwise very similar to my Monarchs, but field is more flat across, bigger sweet spot.

    Chromatic abberation, CA, does not bother me so it was not essential at 10x. I do have Pentax 65mm Ed scope to avoid that distortion at 20x and up.

    The resolution is actually similar to the other two I had. I can still ID as many birds as with the Monarchs. Weight is a bit more, so there may be more metal in the body of these.

    Other than the 10x, I use mostly Bushnells in 8x32 and 8x42 porros. I am not so demanding with 8x, but the porros are as sharp as the 10x Pentax when looking at birds are close enough to see at 8x.

    I have looked at a few "alpha glasses" but so far these have been sufficient. If it is far away, I use the 65mm scope.

    The Pentax 8x32 DCF SP are also a pretty good 500-600 US dollar glass. I do not have those yet. I may go to a higher quality for the 8x32. But they are hard to beat for value.
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