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Thread: Interesting "Ficedula" Flycatcher in Biscay

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    Default Interesting "Ficedula" Flycatcher in Biscay


    I have recently seen a video taken by friends crossing the Bay of Biscay on a yacht during October which shows a [I]Ficedula[I] Flycatcher that landed onboard.

    The bird clearly shows a striking amount of white on the base of the primaries and perhaps a greyish cast to the nape.

    I have attached some video grabs of the bird, but they are clearly not good enough to show detailed feather tracts.

    Any thoughts on, NW African or Iberian race Pied Flys or possibly even another vagrant species?

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    I think one this first year bird, it's impossible to have a safe identification. Maybe an extrem Pied Flycatcher (not convinct), a Collared Flycatcher (but where is the greyish tones on the neck or upperparts ?), a Semi-collared Flycatcher (Is it possible to identify this species in first year ?) or an hybrid between pied and collared...

    Very difficult ! For me the brownish tinge on the upperparts point more Pied than other species. But, the white on the primaries indicate more Collared or Semi-collared. So, maybe the best option is that this bird is an hybrid ?! Or just a black and white flycatcher ...

    Any call heard ??

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