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    Hola, have now joined the forum and look forward to the experience. I live in Dorset and my main interest is in raptors, in particular Eleonoras Falcon,and I do have a very interesting paper on eleo's migration routes that was published earlier this year in the Journal of the Royal Society which I do not seem to be able to attach here but will happily email it to anyone who would care to PM me (and if anyone has any suggestions as to how I can move myself to Mallorca without having 'mega bucks' for a property purchase they would be very welcomed !)
    ronnie baker.
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    Welcome to the crowd!

    Saw your paper after it was mentioned elsewhere and downloaded it, but I don't seem to be able to attach it here either. It is probably too large to attach, the file size limit here is fairly small.

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    Hi Ronnie welcome to the forum. I'll look in to why it's not attaching. Looks the file is small enough. Best, Andy

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