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    Hi guys,
    Wondered if anyone could help, each time I try and upload a photograph to my gallery photos, it tells me that the image is too big. I have seen that the photo needs to be so many pixels wide by so many high, but I am unable o change the size of my photo. Does anybody know how I can alter the size of my photo? I have tried unsuccessfuly in Paint. Ant advice appreceated.

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    It sounds as though you are trying to upload to the general Surfbirds website galleries (where there are file size restrictions) rather than the Surfbirds Forum (where there are no file size restrictions).

    Which image resource are you using to process your photos (if any)?

    If you are a PC user with Widows XP, then go to "Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP" ("Google" it), on the right-hand vertical menu (in pale blue) scroll down to "Image Resizer" and download and install the program "ImageResizer.exe".

    After installation, if you "right-click" on any image in "Windows and Fax Viewer" you have the option of "Resize Pictures" > a menu for small, medium, large or going to "Advanced" gives you the "Custom" option to define image size by pixel dimensions.

    Give it a go - if it doesn't work, come back and I will try another "avenue".



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