Hi there,
This autumn with Bonellis Eagles becoming a better protected breeding bird
in France together with other raptors due to public awareness of the importance to give better protection to raptors in France it is of interest
to note that Bonellis Eagles are increasingly being recorded in more northerly parts of France including a bird photographed in the autumn at the Lac de Grand Lieu near Nantes on the Loire estuary in northern France which was a juvenile which could return whn of breeding age to find a nesting area further north than the rest of the population as it is aware it can find the necessary habitat requirements in northern France now it is familiar with an area supporting a wide variety of raptors.Doubtless in tandem with other species of raptor breeding in bigger numbers now in more northerly parts of France the species will edge northwards as the species becomes better respected in France. The FIR or Fond d'Interventions des Rapaces are actively monitoring all the raptors breeding in France down to the nest site of each pair and in years to come hope to promote the welfare of species as their ranges edge northwards with better protection of each species of raptor.Eventually a number of raptor species spreading north in France now will start to invade the UK ass breeding species which is on the cards for a number of sspecies in the near future including Booted Eagles, Lesser Kestrel, Red-footed Falcon,
Black-shouldered Kite, Pallid Harrier to name a few quick invasive species quickly spreading their breeding range across France north.
Kind regards,Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey.