Hi there,
In southern France the Green Heron seems to have taken a liking to
boating as it is now regularly present in the port of Sanson at the Etang de Berre near the Camargue sitting on boats as pictured in the picture on the web site below:-
Maybe this species migrates sitting on big boats!
Many years back my brother navigating a bulk freighter across the Atlantic between the USA and Europe transported a Nearctic Peregrine Falcon acrosss the Atlantic which became so hungry on the crossing it fed out of the hands of the crew of the freighter! Mt brother now has a more interresting vocation having passed three Masters Degrees in Law and has stayed in Antigua recently with a fellow layer who recneelty became the first female Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda.Another great place to see raptors and birds using boats for asisted passage.Kind regards,Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey. Where we had a Green Heron about ten years ago!