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Thread: Life goes on....

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    Default Life goes on....

    Buying organic fruit and vegetables at roadside stalls just yards from where they were harvested is one of the best things about food shopping in Cairo, oranges and lemons complete with shiny green leaves and bananas still attached to the stem. Certain vegetables can be a bit of a problem because of the rich soil which produces cabbages 18 inches in diametre, an dozen of which could feed half the Egyptian army.

    I've always liked a bargain, and was delighted to find that a beautiful cauliflower I bought a few weeks ago was loaded with protein I wasn't charged for. I rescued seven [I]Pieris rapae[I] caterpillars all of which evolved into chrysalides although only six produced butterflies.Unfortunately, I didn't seen any of them hatch.

    With a dearth of nectar in our garden currently, I fed them on a weak solution of honey and water sprinkled on a bougainvilleae to photograph them before they flew away.

    Its interesting to note that although the bracts of the bougainvilleae are differ colours, they are on the same plant.





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    Default ....and on

    When we have only just unpacked our winter clothes and are enjoying the final days of breakfast on the terrace enjoying the birds, butterflies and dragonflies, I do think of you people in less clement climes.
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