Hi there,
On the Lac de Grand Lieu a large number of wildfowl have arrived recently including a Canvasback which appears to be wild which is one of the fastest flying duck able to fly over 100 kmph! Also around large number of Ferruginous Duck have just arrived including about twenty in south eastern France plus a feww around Grand Lieu and north western France now where the Lesser White Fronted Geese are still at Langeux on the coast near St Brieuc still showing well there giving excellent views! Sociable Plover in southern France and big movements of winter birds now across southern France arriving in good numbers moving in from across Switzerland where a reasonable numbers of Divers are now turning up in the middle of Europe as they head towards southern France. Winter Equinox is on 21st December soon
here the shortest day of the year when the earth starts to tilt 1 degree towards the sun on Christmas day ass it starts to warm up the northern hemisphere again! Hopefully! Kind regards,Bertram.E.B.BREE coches.fr in sunny Jersey.