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Thread: Large-Tailed, or Grey Nightjar ??, Singapore ..

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    Default Large-Tailed, or Grey Nightjar ??, Singapore ..


    There is some disagreement to my ID of this bird as a Large-tailed
    Nightjar in our bird forum... The bird was perched about 20 feet above
    ground as would a Grey Nightjar would ...

    Your opinion on this bird is greatly appreciated

    K C Tsang

    Quote :

    Hi KC,

    Not convinced that this is a Large-tailed Nightjar.....the tail does not extend too far beyond the wing tips and the wing bars are not as prominent. It is also very mottled and has quite a bit of buff in its plumage.

    This may be an immature Grey Nightjar Caprimulgus indicus. The proportions and markings lean toward this species and many records of this species involve immature/1st winter birds. Another interesting feature of this migrant is that, unlike other nightjars, they regularly roost on branches, above our heads, out in the open and they rest in line with the branch rather than across it.

    How high up was this bird? Any other photos? Difficult with immature plumage on photos but plumage, proportions and habits lean toward Grey.


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    I too would lean towards Grey. In addition to the above comments, I find that the 'face' is perhaps not richly rufous enough for L-t; the markings on the edges of the scapulars are more variegated than is typical of Large-tailed; the pale tips to the wing coverts are relatively subdued.

    Many images here

    Brian S

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    Hi there

    The lesser covs are darkish brown which along with the general size, shape and location, point towards Grey. Confusion species would have greyer lesser covs.

    As you say Subaraj, the tail looks far too short for Large-tailed.
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