Hi there,
In Nantes in Brittany a Nutcracker has just turned up in the gardens there.
In Jersey numerous wildfowl arriving includding Goosanders, Eiders and Scoters.Also the herons family seem to be content with Bittern arriving.
A few years ago we caught and ringed a Great Bittern which when released arrived in Guernsey nearby where we have close contacts due to our ancieny Norman rights enshrined in our local Norman Law of 'Droit de Cuissard' meaning nobles have a right to get hold of wifes of non locals and have their way with them quite legally!
We keep it in the family here generally and Wiliam the Conqueror's father lived here so we are partly descended from the same line as the Duke himself who establised links with England after 1066 and we still follow the Brother the Duke of Kent as a Brother quite rigidly as the run our isles rather then the Barons or any females so be warned if you ccome here birding.
Quote:'She laments dear Lord today for her husband goes a birding'.....
The bard wrote this in 'erry wives of Windsor'as Windsor is the name of the Castle built by our Lord rather than a German family name! Need I say more.
Jersey has direct links to airports near Windsor as well as sea links.
If you don't want to come to Jrsey but enjoy birding in France try seafrance.
For a car and up to five people just 25 pounds each way!
Tel 0871 221 6556!
Kind regards,Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey near sunny France where in Jersey pounds sterling are legal tender! Birds galore here.