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In Gruissan on the Mediterranean coast of France near the Pyrenees and Carcassone, Perpignan a top resort and birding hotspot now eight Slender-billed Gulls including one young the rest adults.Also Cranes, raptors and wildfowl for example at ....evaches the lake nearby which usually fills with Flamingos in summer as well as many rarities and huge numbers of migrants a top spot in France for migration with hundreds of thousnads of raptors passing through annually plus resident Lesser Great Grey Shrikes in good numbers.Further details from the LPO in Aude the departement or area Gruissan is situated in.As it is a top resort it is full of places to stay but if you contact the LPO there they will be able to advise you on top spots to book into if you go down in spring migration soon when birds start moving in numbers at the end of February in two months time.
Also in France in Brittany the Lessser White fronted Geese are feeding at langueux in the usual area again in long grass as chasseurs or hunters have been disturbing all the wildfowl nearby but not shot the Lesser white fronts yet which are in the Bay of St Brieuc in long grass with other Geese as most species of Geese which winter in France are in the area including some possible Grey-bellied Brant which are an intergrade between Pacific Brant and hrota which are both also present in this area now including a number of colour ringed birds. Also many colour ringed birds like some Sanderling colour ringed in Iceland are present which last year took only three days to return to Iceland to the same place they weere ringed. Also many hrota were also Icelandic ringed which breed in Canada conducting one of the longest migrations of any Goose! The WWT have been studying them with satellite transmitters with further details on their web site. Brittany has many interesting Gulls around at present with birds like Ross Gull sometimes turning up in predictable locations!
A good place in Brittany is the Baie d'Audierne south of Brest where a hundred Aquatic Warblers are ringed every autumn some are equipped with tracking devices at Trunvel in the Baie d'Audierne by Bruno Bargain who has his birds controlled in Portugal sometimes.Also in summer there are a number of colonies of Bee-eaters here at Pointe de la Torche the south-western tip of Brittany every year.Also Hoopoes, Kentish Plovers and rare waders like Stilts and Siberian and American species regularly turn up here near Trunvel where the bird ringing is done in the Baie d'Audierne.Worth checcking out in winter as over five thousand Black-tailed Godwits winter along the western coast of France including areound here such as at Sene near Vannes a superb bird reserve run by the SEPNB which has Marsh Sandpipers every autumn and good numbers of Amercian species usually.Nearby aat Pen-en Toul reserve at Ile de Berder oyster beds in August around a hundred Roseate Tern speend the autumn here including British ringed birds! Another good bird reserve in Brittany is the Briere reserrve de Pierre Constant with a hundred pairs of Spoonbills, hundreds of marsh Terns of three species often including the odd pair of White winged sometimes plus thousands of Whiskered and a couple of hundred pairs of Black Terns near hundreds of pairs of Bluethroats, Savis Warblers and a variety of Egrets and herons plus occasionally summering Pratincoles.Nearby in the Vilaine estuary over a hundred Sabines Gulls spend autumn migration with other water birds and there are some ssuperb gites here for birders such as at Bois Joubert run by the SEPNB costing just twelve Euros a night for a rooom with hot showers and huge kitchens. Birding walks offered plus horse riding here! Great hosts Coline and friends. Kind regards from sunny Jersey.