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Thread: Hello Happy New Year!

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    Default Hello Happy New Year!

    Hi all! I am new to your site so I will start by wishing you all a very happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas.
    I have recently renewed my interest in photography and one of the more interesting elements of our local wildlife comprise birds! I have taken a number of pictures and can generally identify my subjects but I wondered if I could ask for help with this??
    We found this recently deceased bird but I do not know what it was. It may have lost its tail feathers as we found a pile of feathers not far from the bird.
    I think it was young.

    I hasten to add that all my other subjects are alive and pecking, at least they were at the time of my sighting!

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    Hello Philip, and welcome to the forum.

    Your deceased bird is a Moorhen (Gallinula chloropus).


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    Yes welcome to the Forum. Sad to see the dead Moorhen but look forward to seeing more of your images.


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks again to Colin for the quick ID, I feel a bit silly now I know what it was, it seems more obvious now!!

    I have a number of wildlife shots at

    Happy new year to all!

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