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Thread: Weird Common House Martins

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    Default Weird Common House Martins

    Hi guys,

    In Israel we occasionally see funny 'dusky' Common House Martins. I visited Kenya recently, where I ringed at Ngulia a bird that looks similar:

    I was wondering if anyone can comment on these birds, especially in context with the Asian House Martin seen in August. Is anyone aware of a discussion on this bird?


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    Hi Yoav,

    It is normal for juv House Martins to be duskier than adults, often with diffuse small dark markings in the rump. The slightly more prominent pale tips to your birds tertials age it as as a 1st-year.

    Despite this, your bird looks abnormally dusky, so I'll be interested in other suggestions.

    Attached are 3 juvs and an adult (right hand bird) for comparison, all taken in September this year.
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    I recall some discussion about these dusky House Martins in the autumn, but I can't remember where. At the time I posted a couple of photos of dusky individuals on my website . One of these has a dusky throat not dissimilar to Yoav's Kenyan bird.

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