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Thread: Injured Pigeon; not sure what to do.

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    Default Injured Pigeon; not sure what to do.

    I saw a pigeon get smacked by a passing car while on my walk. I ran over to take a look. The pigeon was alive but bleeding from it's mouth. I ran him(?) home and put him in a box with a towel to try to make him comfortable. It has currently been about 6 hours since I have found him and he is still alive. I have gotten him to drink a little, and I have put some bread in the box for him to eat.

    I don't know if there is anything I can do for him to help him recover. One of his wings has a s....e on it and sits a little funny- I don't know whether its broken or not. Is there a way to tell? Can I set it if it's broken?

    One side of his neck is very swollen. Might that be a result of internal bleeding? Muscle damage? Bruising?

    Are there any transferable diseases I should be worried about? I've heard that pigeons can be very disease-ridden because they eat garbage and feces of other birds.

    the fact that he's survived this long makes me believe that he is capable of living through this. I just need to know how I can help him out....

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    hi, not really sure what advice to give you. it's been a couple of days since your post is it still alive? i applaud you going to pick it up and try to care for it - many people would move on.

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