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Thread: Snowy Owl still in Alderney end of 2008!

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    Default Snowy Owl still in Alderney end of 2008!

    Hi there,
    The Snowy Owl is still at the north-eastern tip of Alderney near Cap de la Hague.It is a premanent feature now of the north-eastern tip of the island where it appears to be over wintering but appears to disappear for a day or two from time to time.Perhaps it goes to Cherbourg for a day trip to get duty frees in the form of Calvados filled Field Voles! Kind regards,Bertram.E.B.BREE.
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    Great bird! How rare is this for the Channel Islands?

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    Default Snowy Owl a great howler in Alderney!

    Hi there,
    The Snowy Owl is the second record for the isle of Alderney in living memory!
    I remember when they bred in Jersey Zoo when I was younger and I could guarantee to see a family of Snowy Owls feed virtually out of my hand every time I went to Jersey Zoo but the Alderney two records are obviously both of wild birds like the Jersey record of a white Greenland Gyrfalcon in living memory.A Snowy Owl has just been reported from Lihou on Guernsey but we think it is the Alderney bird which is on a duty free run to pick up some Calvados or apple alcohol filled voles!
    Kind regards from sunny and bird filled Jersey near Sark an old feudal possession of ours not quite as old ass our old colony of England we took in 1066.

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