Hi there,
A trip down to Provence now is very interesting from an ornithological point of view! South-eastern France has the Rhone delta known as the Camargue ,not to be confused with the Petit Camargue in north-eastern France where Goosanders breed as well as other great birds. east of the Camargue is the Crau the old delta of the Rhone north east of M....ille where in Etang de Berre in the boating port of Sanson the Green Heron is still present. In the Crau at present 7 plus Richards Pipits over wintering! As usual.
In the M....ill official rubbish dump at Entressen thereis a flock of 120 White Storks and whites talk also of the other birds on this main dump here a mecca for rare birds throughout the year.There is also a Black Stork here with the White Storks now. On the lake of Entressen nearby a Franklin's Gull is coming in to roost each evening at around 16.00 hours French time witht he rroost of Black-headed Gulls.
Full details below.
Meeting next Wednesday in St Charles M....illes University for the latest natural history news of Provence and south-eastern France. Open to CEEP members. Tel: 00 33 (0)4 42 20 03 83.
Cigogne noire Cicinia nigra : 1 Entressen, Crau le 30/12 (S. Durand, O. Sigaud, A&P. Mansart), accompagnant plus de 120 Cigognes blanches

Mouette de Franklin Larus pipixcan : 1 ad hiver l'tang d'Entressen, Crau le 29/12 (ornithos hollandais) et le 30/12 (S. Durand, O. Sigaud, E. Didner, ornithos hollandais). N'arrive sur site que vers 16 h en compagnie de milliers de mouettes rieuses

Pipit de Richard Anthus richardi : 7 Mas Chauvet, Crau le 30/12 (S. Durand, ornithos hollandais)

Kind regards, Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey near Normandy.