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Thread: Geese, Gulls and great birding in 2009 in the Channel!

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    Default Geese, Gulls and great birding in 2009 in the Channel!

    Hi there,
    With the Glaucous-winged Gull in the UK and big numbers of Gulls, Geese and interesting birds in the Channel Isles, Brittany and Normandy birding is now very interesting here. In Sweden a Yellow-browed bunting has turned up even
    if it is from a collection there are a number of Little Buntings also around here
    with one just ringed in Jersey with 150 Reed Buntings including Continental controls and 2 Little Buntings on Ouessant where one October I photographed a flock of 70 Lapland Buntings with 5 Little Buntings together in front of the Bird Observatory at the outskirts of the town of Lampaul.
    In Brittany at present and in the Channel Isles just about every species of Goose and Gull you might see in the area with big arrivals in the area of a wide variety of grey Geese species.
    Off Jersey now in the Channel a flock of arround fifty Balearic Shearwaters over wintering!
    Also in Brittany hunting has disturbed a number of birds which can get quite jumpy in winter and head for the UK like the roost of a thousand Cattle Egrets
    with one now near me in a field in front of Grouville Parish Hall which originate from the Grand Lieu breeding population of aroundd 300-500 pairs near Nantes on the Loire estuary which rear god numbers of young every year amongst 200 pairs of Great Egrets which are also dispersing north at present due to changes in the weather like the Spoonbills which also breed around here in good numbers which are also spreading north with one feeding on the south-east coast of Jersey now. Top specialists on these birds at Nantes and Rennes Universities predict a population expension north as the birds beccome fertile after a few years as the breeding population booms annually
    and adults come of breeding arge wanting to establish new colonies as they are doing all along the northern parts of France and trying to expand to the UK in coming years as they did in the case of Little Egrets but adults have to
    be fertile before being able to form new colonies as they will do in the coming years in the UK and Ireland which already has 10,000 pairs of Grey Herons and great habitat!
    In Provence a Sociable Plover is at present at Cabassole, at Pernes les Fontaines.
    In western Brittany in Finisterre at Talagrip the resident Wallcreeper is to the left of the parrking area as usual.American Herring Gull in the area nearby as are a number of Ring-billed Gulls, Iceland Gulls, Galaucous Gulls, Mediterranean Gulls and other intersting Gulls, and other seasbirds.
    In Jersey at St Catherrine's breakwater every morning a big passage of auks with over 500 sometimes all heading south with good numbers of seaduck,
    Divers, hundreds of Kittiwakes perhaps from the Normandy colonies which are big and expanding every year.
    En Provence:-
    Vanneau sociable Chettusia gregaria : 1 H1 à Cabassole, Pernes les Fontaines-84 le 01/01 (J-M. Desprez), coordonnées géographiques : 48 72 675 X 6 61 750
    A Jersey gros arrivee d'anitadees et en paticulier des oies avec cendrees,a bec courte,des moissons, rieuses parmi nonnettes et a tete barree d'elevage dans la Baie de St Ouen qui viennent d'arrivee!
    Aussi HGB devant la Salle Paroissalle de Grouville pres de chez moi et spatule sur la cote du sud-est de Jersey.Le Ticho esencore en Finisterre a Talagrip a gauche du parking et plien de goelands comme AAB, GB, G d'Amerique et a Bec Cercle en Bretagne et passage a Jersey avec des mouettes tridactiles parmi des mouvements de plongeons et alcidees en centaines le matin a St Catherines et aussi des mouettes melanocephales.
    Ouvrez l'oeil avec un bruyant a sourcils jaunes en Suede et a Jersey un nain comme a Ouessant ou il y en a deux petits comme la rarete en Suede!
    Bertram.E.B.BREE a Jersey au soleil avec un veloce qui crie devant moi dans le jardin sous un ciel bleu et du soleil du mois de janvier 2009!

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    Default Geese like greased lightning and surprise in Jersey

    First a double surprise in Jersey. I saw a group of eight Bottle-nosed Dolphins close in in front of my house at La Rocque when I went in for a coffee.I was taking a swig close to the window to spot birds in the back garden like Firecrests, Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs which I will hopefully try to ring soon when I get the time and I saw a stonking male adult Black Redstart perch literally a foot from my face as I swigged a coffee and I don't know who was more surprised ass it was just the other side of the glass craning its neck forward staring at my face! Superb bird.I checked out the internet as I have been seeing a huge new arrival of new birds with the anticyclonic weather here in Jersey and news of possible Japanese Waxwing in Poland and a new Lesser-white fronted Goose at Poses bird reserve at la Grande Noe in Normandy near a UGC white marked letters on black background neck collared White front near it both birds I think were adults the Lesser-white front definitely was! Big numbers of new wildfowl around now over here in Normandy and offshore in Jersey and Guernsey where the Snowy Owl sems to be roving around.Big arrivals of Divers offshore with Grebes, seabirds like Terns and Gulls everywhere with pasage all day of Divers past Grouville Bay on the east coast seen by telescope from my house at La Rocque. Song Thrushes everywhere!
    Fields peppered with new arrivals including a wide diversity of Geese.
    In Jersey we have breeding Red-brested Geese which breed in the garden at the Zoo and fly around to confuse locals like the 20 or so resident Bar-headed Geese and commuter Barnacle Geese wich commute between Jersey and Guernsey! With geese-cases of cash greaseing hands of lcoal bretheren! No doubt!Sandra commented on your status: "For You" To see the comment thread, follow the link below: Thanks,
    Fellow birder! Bertram.E.B.BREE in sunny Jersey. Filled with Great Tits alongside overwintering Coal Tits everywhere!

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