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    I moved to Great Ellingham in Norfolk about 5 years ago and i've always known about a fishing complex called Swangey Lakes just down the road.
    Only yesterday did i find out after a good mornings birding there that it is in fact Swangey Fen SSSI (site of special scientific interest).
    Here's a link to what makes it special.

    It is a series of large lakes. Over 5 i think. I haven't found them all yet.

    So far i've recorded
    Black Headed Gull
    Blue Tit
    Canada Goose
    Greylag Goose
    Many cormorants
    Great Black Backed Gull
    Common Tern
    Wood Pigeon
    Collared Dove.

    I haven't yet spent a whole day there so the list could grow, especially as i haven't studied the reeds yet.

    The river Thet runs through the site as well

    Its well worth a visit.
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