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Thread: Birding in Kaziranga and Orang National Parks, Assam,India

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    Default Birding in Kaziranga and Orang National Parks, Assam,India

    Hi everyone,as I got a chance to visit my hometown in Assam after a year I visited my favourite Kaziranga as well as Orang National parks on 31st and 28th Dec respectively.
    This was my first visit to Orang so I was pretty excited though I was sure it won't be even half as rewarding as Kaziranga.We entered the park in our own cars in the afternoon.Saw only the following few species:
    Grey headed fish eagle
    Crested serpent eagle
    Peregrine falcon
    Lesser Adjutant stork
    Rose ringed parakeets

    Also saw an Indian Rhino at very close range.

    On 31st Dec,visited the Agoratoli (Eastern) range of Kaziranga. This range is famous for birds.Last visited this place in 2001 and there have been a couple of changes including a newer longer tourist route and a new beautiful resort.
    Saw the following:

    Species count
    Bar headed goose 200+
    Greylag goose 100+
    Common teal
    Ferruginous pochard 40+
    Spotbill duck
    Ruddy shelduck 2
    Spotted redshank 20
    Common greenshank 2
    Marsh sandpiper 1
    Common sandpiper 1
    Northern lapwing 1
    Grey headed lapwing 1
    Red wattled lapwing 1
    Darter 1
    Great cormorant 70+ on the Brahmaputra River
    Pallas's fish eagle 1
    Greyheaded fish eagle 1
    Osprey 1
    Slender billed vulture 1
    Purple heron 1
    Grey heron 1
    Bronze winged jacana
    Common moorhen
    Lesser Adjutant stork
    Pied kingfisher
    Alexandrine parakeet
    Red brested parakeet
    Green imperial pigeon
    Yellow footed green pigeon
    Black winged cuckoo shrike
    Green billed malkoha
    Lesser racket tailed drongo
    Grey backed shrike
    Grey headed starling
    Red vented bulbul

    Also saw 1 Rhino, 2 wild buffaloes, 4-5 elephants, 1 Sambar, 1 Rhesus macaque and many Hog deer.
    Sadly this time didn't saw a single Spotbill pelican as the track to their breeding colony was damaged.
    Also saw a large number of Common teals and Pintails, 37 Bar headed geese, Openbill Stork, Wild buffaloes and hog deers from a viewpoint on the highway near Kanchanjuri area.
    On 3rd Jan,saw two small flocks of 7 and 9 Greater Adjutants and 2 Ruddy shelducks on the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati.

    Oh,and wishing everyone a very happy new year!!

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    Hi Chandan

    You're very lucky to have such a place for your hometown!

    you might find this paper of interest:

    OBC John Peel Awesomeness
    The little things they make me so happy, all I want to do is live by the sea...

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    Thanks for the link. I forgot to add Greater flameback and Streaked throated woodpecker to the list in Kaziranga. Also saw a huge eagle which I couldn't identify.

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