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Thread: Hello from Wheaton, Illinois

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    Default Hello from Wheaton, Illinois

    Greetings all,

    Happy to join your group. I've enjoyed the photos and posts here fro quite a while and thought it was high time to join more formally.

    I live in wonderful DuPage County, adjacent to the Morton Arboretum. My wife and I have been birders for about twenty years. Since I have always enjoyed photography, a couple of years ago I updated my gear to digital and am now happily clicking away. I hope to post some of my shots here in the coming months.

    Best to all and Good Birding,


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    Hi Michael and welcome to the Surfbirds forum. My inlaws live in Riverwoods, Lake County so I get out there once a year, usually around the winter holidays and occasionally gets me the chance to catch up on a few species we don't get out here in California. Snow Bunting and Snowy Owl still elude me, however...

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    Welcome to Surfbirds Michael. Look forward to seeing some of your images.


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