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Thread: Dunge gull

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    Default Dunge gull

    not seen any discussion of this look-alike glaucescens, primary pattern more suggestive of Viking Gull (argentatus x hyperboreus) ?
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    To me this is a Herring Gull albeit a leucistic individual. I can't see anything that really points to any other species.

    I'd be interested to read what suggests otherwise?

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    One of the 408 viewers is me. As Johnny I see Herring (third/fourth winter type, but considering the large mirror on p9 (see below), probably older than third winter).
    It´s not an easy task to get a grip of the pattern on those outer primaries - seen best imo in image 4. Anyway - a pale individual (leucistic?), There are dark markings on p10(tiny subterminal mark on p10), to p6. The pattern on p9 is interesting - somehow 'Thayeri-patterned' (dark covering outer web making mirror look large), judged from image 3 & 4, different impression on the far wing in image 2 though.


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