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Thread: Take action against the unprecedented onslaught on raptors in Lower Austria

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    Default Take action against the unprecedented onslaught on raptors in Lower Austria

    Buzzards and Goshawks are open to persecution in Lower Austria.

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    Default Raptor persecution

    Are any reasons given for this draconian decision? It is a sad day when a so-called civilised country without apparent previous form joins the ranks of those legally slaughtering birds of prey.

    Laws do not necessarily work - let us not forget the dismal record in the UK of our grouse moor owners and their war against raptors particularly Hen Harriers. They appear to be getting away with murder - whoops! sorry for that dreadful pun

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    One aspect of this which constantly annoys me (as with the situation in Malta, etc.) is that these brainless morons are referred to as "hunters". In my book a hunter is someone who goes in pursuit of wild animals with a view to killing for food (rabbits, deer, wildfowl, etc). These unspeakables are simply using these beautiful, wild birds as living, moving targets, nothing else - no-one can convince me that they are actually eating Buzzards and Goshawk.

    This is just mindless slaughter for sport in the name of "hunting" - I live amongst it, and no penalty can be too harsh for these barbarians.

    I can only assume that the "powers that be" in Austria are themselves members of the hunting fraternity (as is the case in Portugal).


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    Aye aye!

    When are these thin thinking thugs going to understand that More prey = More predators and vica-versa?


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