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    Default Consolation prize!

    A couple of days ago, I spent a few hours walking the 27 acres of the grounds of Cairo's Agricultural Museum, which incidentally is the oldest of its kind in the world.

    As its not at the top of tourists’ ‘must visit’ list , the gardens are gloriously run down. The gardeners work at a pace that matches their appalling government wages and spend most of their time snoozing in the shade. There are some magnificent trees from all over the world many of which are hundreds of years old and a huge collection of palms, cactii, succulents and euphorbia and flowering shrubs.

    There are also areas of ‘set aside’ that no gardener has visited for years, consequently it’s a wildlife paradise. However, on my latest visit there wasn’t an interesting bird in sight or hearing for that matter.

    For me, a first in any species is exciting and I glimpsed a butterfly I have only seen once before – you’ll have to take my word for it as I didn’t get a pic. I spent the next half an hour stalking the bl***y evasive beast until he was as exhausted as I was!

    Cheers to the male Precis hierta [Yellow Pansy] which is very rare here.
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