Hi there,
A nigricans Black Brant colour ringed in the Tamyir peninsula on 29/07/08 (a male) was sighted on 6/12/08 on Ile de Re in western France proving the orign of this race wintering in France.At least 10 nigricans were noted in December 2008 in France wintering amongst over 101,000 birds of branta bernicla including 1,131 hrota mostly at Regneville near Granville. Up to 75 % of hrota counted were first year birds with only 1 % of bernicla nominate being a disatrous year in Siberia but excellent in Canada for hrota.
Kind regards from Brent counter in Jersey island.Bertram.E.B.BREE on behalf of Wetlands International in France and the European Channel Islands.BIROE.