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The latest birding news in French from the French mainland including a review of the latest migration news including winter seabird movements and on the Storks in big numbers in Provenc Alpes Cote d'Azure known as PACA to French birders.
News from the EU including videos to download including on on Aquatics
radio tracked in Brittany by my colleagues there working on a major project radio tracking Aquatics with Bruno Bargain.
details on the possibility of working as a birding volunteer on the Islands
off M....ille to monitor seabirds like Corys Shearwaters, petrels, Med Shearwaters, Yelkouan Shearwaters, etc. there on the reserve.
M....ill is a great port with regular ferry trips to Corsica by car ferry at a reasonable price for some excellent birding all year round including endemics like Corsican Nuthatch and resident races of birds particular either to Corsica or Corsica and Sardinia.
At present in Sicily the first House Martins are returning now!
Spring is coming soon as the first hirundines arrive in France in February other than the over wintering birds.
Details on the web site first listed in French.
Kind regards from sunny Jersey.
Many Francs.Bertram.E.B.BREE in the sun.